MegaYoga DVD is here!

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I’m so delighted to announce that the MegaYoga DVD is here and for sale on!   The DVD is the first yoga DVD ever to feature real life plus-size yoga students in a live class with a plus-size instructor.  The four women from my NYC classes who star in the program are all shapes and sizes.  They range in size from a 12 to a 26 and they are all graceful, proud and happy to be exercising in a way that is gentle on their joints but challenging for their muscles.  They are the best example that size does not have to hold you back from starting a get healthy program.  One student does the entire class in a chair to protect her knees, and believe me – she sweats along with the rest of them and loves it.  As I’ve said to my ladies in class many times before, “You don’t have to be built like a Twizzler to bend like one.”


I took copies of the DVD up to a teacher training I was lecturing in at Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts this past Monday.  Do you know that they sold out immediately?  All 52 of the skinny yoga teachers taking the training happily wanted to get their hands on it so that they could study how to make their plus-size population of students more welcome and comfortable in yoga class.  There’s a revolution happening in fitness and Sonsi readers, you all can be a part of it.  Fitness instructors know that full figured women like us want to get in shape and take the same type of classes like yoga and pilates as the rest of the population.  We’re educated and we read blogs like sonsi living where we learn about the health benefits of movement and we refuse to be intimidated and embarrassed to walk into a class because of our size.  If we demand to be treated with respect and made welcome in all fitness classes and if we hold our fitness leaders to a high standard of education then there is no reason why modifications cannot be added in classes to make us safe and supported when we workout.


My student Michelle in the DVD (the adorable one who uses the breast binding technique since she has a large chest) has been emailing all her friends and co-workers and bragging about her silver screen debut.  She’s got friends in Australia who ordered themselves a copy for the holidays because they don’t have any fitness classes for curvy bodies where they live.  I’m so happy to live and work in manhattan where we have a community of plus-size yoga practitioners and can support each other in our group classes.


Post a comment below about your best and bravest gym or group fitness class experience.  Did you put on legwarmers and go to step aerobics in the 80s?  Were you the only plus-size woman at your gym to ask for a personal trainer?  Do you have a funny story about pirouetting right out the door at barre class?  Share with us in the comments!