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Let me ask you something – when was the last time you disconnected from the online world? It’s so hard to nowadays with social media becoming a daily part of our lives. We check our Facebook every time we get bored. We go on twitter when we feel like we have something to get off our chest. We go on Instagram when we have a picture to share. It’s a vicious cycle that we’re constantly engaging in and it’s one vice that I struggle with on a daily basis. I don’t know when to disconnect!


Being a blogger takes social networking to a whole different ball game, you’re expected to be in constant communication with your readers and continually raise your influence by being present in social media. That means I spend A LOT of time online – way more than I care to admit. I find myself at times scrolling through my emails or finishing a tweet while my daughter is trying to tell me something, or not giving my husband the attention he rightfully deserves when he comes home. It’s horrible, and I’m trying to make a conscious decision to stop – at least on the weekends.


I’m trying to implement a no phone/internet rule on Saturday and Sunday, so that we can be present as a family. That means no one is scrolling through their phone while we wait to eat at a restaurant, or texting when there is a room full of people around. Instead we’re engaging each other and spending time connecting with one another, without any online interruptions.


But as picture-perfect as that might sound, it’s actually a lot harder than you think. Social media has become so much a part of our lives that it has become more of an addiction. Whether we’re in bed or on vacation, we’re always connected. Sound familiar? I know I’m not alone.  Social networking sites are more popular than ever, in fact according to eMarketer there are 1.43 billon network users worldwide. There’s no doubt that social media will continue to play an important role in our lives, but how big should that role be?


Take my brother for example – he’s one of the very few people I know that doesn’t even own a Facebook account, and while at first I thought he surely must be insane, I’m now starting to realize that maybe he might be on to something. While it’s nice to reconnect with friends and family from time to time, is it completely necessary to check up on them every five minutes? Not really. It’s better to be present in YOUR life and experience life first-hand. I mean, what’s the point of going to five-star restaurant if you’re more concerned about taking a picture than enjoying the food?  Maybe we should all put down our phones once in a while and experience what’s in front of us, instead of trying to capture it for others.


Jenny from Babblings of a Mommy is sonsiLiving's newest blogger

Meet sonsiLiving’s newest blogger, Jenny Moyett! Jenny is the brains behind Babblings of a Mommy, a lifestyle blog dedicated to family, fashion, beauty & style. She resides in New York with her husband, 7 year old daughter, and tail-wagging morkie.