December YourStyle: Blogger & Fashionista Ty Alexander

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Sonsi YourStyleYourStyle: a place for women on Sonsi to showcase their real style.

Each month Sonsi will feature one of YOU in our YourStyle article, highlighting some of your favorites in Fashion, Life and Home. This lucky lady will not only be featured on sonsiLiving but also get to showcase their very own, hand-picked clothing collection on Sonsi … Shop Ty’s YourStyle Collection here!


Ty Alexander from Gorgeous In Grey

Tell us about Ty, in your own words: I’m the girl you love or hate. I have no filter but if you appreciate honest you will love me. If you’re in denial.. well!



What is your favorite meal (that you can make!): I could eat Pizza all day. 


The perfect plus size sequin pencil skirt from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel available at

Part of Ty’s YourStyle Collection: the Minnelli Sequins Skirt by IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel



Tell us about your dream date (outfit included!): I’ve already got my dream guy so any date with him is a dream. He loves to see my in heels and showing my legs so I’d wear a black pencil skirt, sheer top with cami, and a pair of slinky wedges.



Ty Alexander from Gorgeous In Grey


What is your favorite fall to winter trend? Scarves



What are some of your gifting tips & tricks? Know your friends. If you’ve never seen them wear perfume or light a scented candle–it’s probably not the best gift.


Sexy lace bra by Cacique available at

Part of Ty’s YourStyle Collection: the Sequin & Lace Longline bra by Cacique



Favorite bra & panty: I’ve worn Lane Bryant under garments since 10th grade. The Cacique brand is my favorite.



Ty Alexander from Gorgeous In Grey


What is your signature fragrance: Chanel 22



Gorgeous plus size shimmer tuxedo jacket by DKNY Jeans available at

Part of Ty’s YourStyle Collection: the Shimmer Tuxedo Jacket by DKNY JEANS



Best outfit to wear to a job interview: Blazers, slim fitting slacks, blush colored blouse and popping accessories.



What is your proudest moment: This August when I quit my job to move to NY and pursue my career in writing. 



Ty Alexander from Gorgeous In Grey


What advice would you give to your 16 year old self? Oh wow. Umm… study! I was a slacker in school and I used my visual memory a lot. That lead to a few failed and/or repeated classes. 



What are some tips for someone who wants to start their own blog? Think about what you are most passionate about and go from there. Networking is a must. Don’t be shy. Be prepared to sell yourself where ever you are.


Thanks Ty! Check out Ty’s Blog Gorgeous in Grey for more and stop by next month to see who our January YourStyle is!