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Join Sydney’s Closet Journey to China – No Passport Needed!

We love sneak peeks that give us a chance to see behind the scenes on the creation of a line. Last year, Phyllis Librach, President & Founder of Sydney's Closet, gave us a recap of her trip to China where she researched & developed her new line of dresses. This year, Phyllis and her team returned to China & have a new blog for us documenting their trip! Read more below . . .   Just landed back in the USA after a whirlwind trip to China to design Sydney...


Why it’s Important to Date Your Spouse

With a whirlwind of work obligations, household chores, and after-school activities, going on a date night with your spouse doesn’t always make it to the top of your priority list. Trust me, I know. There are days I’m so exhausted, the only date I want to make is with my pillow – not my husband! But spending quality time with each other is so important! It strengthens your relationship and helps you reconnect as a couple.   Remember when you first started d...


How I Simplified My Life

Do you find yourself stressed and worried all the time? You’re not alone. Many of us spend an enormous amount of time worrying about bills, work, school and other life situations. In fact, it’s almost impossible nowadays to have a completely stress-free day. But I have managed to pick up a few habits over the years that I feel have simplified my life, and lessened my stressful ways. These simple steps keep me (almost) worry-free and make my day run a whole lot smoother. H...


The Power of “Thank You”

I’m afraid in today’s fast-paced world, common courtesies are not always used as often as they should be. But we all know how far a simple thank you can go. You can literally change someone’s entire day by simply being nice and polite. Hearing a simple “thank you” makes a person feel valued and respected. It can brighten up their day - and your day too!   We all learn at an early age the importance of saying “thank you,” yet we often forget as we ...


My Life Changing Curveball

Eight years ago I was a jet-setting design associate for one of Miami’s most prestigious interior design firms. I thought I had life all figured out. I knew who I was, and where I was going. My life was right on track, (or so I thought). But life has a funny way of reminding you that regardless of how much time you spend planning everything out, sooner or later, it will throw a curveball at you.     Sometimes these unexpected surprises can be small, while...